Fleas and ticks! How do they affect your loved one?

Owning a pet and having pets at home is not something that should be taken lightly. Any furry friend can be exposed to the threat of pests such as fleas and ticks, but some people are unaware of this. One of the most common mistakes is to act when it’s already too late and out kitties suffer the consequences. What are the dangers of not preventing these pests from your pets?

Without a doubt, and although it seems obvious, the main consequence of not using a prevention method is that our puppy or kitten becomes infected. It’s not difficult for this to happen, a walk in the park is enough for it to occur! But there are other consequences such as effects on the physical and emotional state of your loved pet.

To begin with, a pet with ticks or fleas feels sad and that’s because the illness lowers the defenses and absorbs the energy of any being. In addition to being somewhat melancholic or anxious, you will notice that he or she will stop eating the same and will become deprived of interacting with you or with others the same way as he or she did before.

And you can say, “well, it’s not that serious”, but it is, and you’ll see why. In reality, ticks and fleas fee off of your pet. They absorb its blood and transfer intense infections to its bloodstream. So, what happens next? It can turn into conditions such as anemia!

To avoid letting the situation get to that point, our recommendation is to not neglect your pet! And if it happens to you, immediately take care of your pet by going to see a veterinarian, make sure that they’re free of any pests and protect them with a natural product that, to counteract the damage of the disease and cure treatments, can provide your little friend with a healthy life. Remember that Kokoty is a 100% natural and safe pest repellent for your pets. It is a unique mechanism in Mexico, with zero side effects and is 0% invasive. There is no better way to prevent pests!

If you’d like to know more about Kokoty’s bioenergetic mechanism, read this short article https://kokoty.com/testimonio-de-gloria-como-conoci-kokoty/


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