Caring for a home dog!

You are born, you study, you work, you get married, you have a dog…

The trends change. When our parents and grandparents were young, they thought “how many children will I have? What will they be called? I will have a big house and the children can run in the garden” Times have changed!

This isn’t made up, according to INEGI, in Mexico there has been a significant reduction in births: in 2010 2.6 million were calculated, while in 2017 about 2.3 million were counted. The funny thing is that at the same time there was a greater demand for food and other pet products. What would this be due to? Millennials, of course! Yes, being a millennial means receiving strange looks from elders, but also the occasional congratulations too!

Less diapers in the trash!

Although it is less demanding and a little more ecological to have dogs, the emotional and survival responsibility is definitely similar. Humans get to fall in love with pets as if it were a family member, and we see them grow and we know how important we are to them.

If you have made the decision to get a dog, this short article we will teach you to be the best carer for them:

  • Quality time:

When adopting a puppy, remember that they require recreational time, otherwise they will become sad, stressed or fearful of other puppies. Some breeds need more space and more time out of the house, so you should consider the conditions of your home and the energy and size that your dog will acquire in its development.

  • Feeding

Before buying any type of food, be sure to read the nutritional labels and possible warnings on the packaging, you can also consult directly with your veterinarian. Remember that puppies, elderly dogs and pregnant or nursing puppies require special nutrients.

  • Hygiene

Bath, ears, teeth, nails and brushing! This is the canine hygiene combo. Bathe your puppy at least 3 times a month and remember to use a safe shampoo or gel depending on their skin. If your dog is hairy, it is best to brush after each bath, do not forget to use gauze and special liquids to wash their ears. If your dog is not very active, you may have to cut their nails yourself. To do this, use special accessories, you will find them in veterinary stores. Finally, get toys that remove tartar from your dog’s teeth, you can have fun and take care of their teeth at the same time!

  • Sterilization

Money may be one of the reasons why some people decide not to sterilize their pets but consider that the arrival of puppies at home could bring some difficulties and more responsibility into your life. Therefore, if you decide that it is best to have only one dog, consider sterilizing your pet. To do this, turn to a qualified veterinarian and strictly follow their recommendations before and after the operation.

  • Preventive care

Always look for the best products to prevent the spread of fleas, ticks or mosquito attacks in your dog. Do not act when it is too late. Remember that true care is to prevent discomfort. We recommend using natural products and avoiding the use of chemical preventives that have worse effects than the spread of pests; Some shampoos, flea collars and medications can cause poisoning, cause irritation, itching and other harmful side effects. Get to know other 100% safe and noble alternatives with your dog. Meet Kokoty!

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So, how many dogs are you having?


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