How did wolves become our cute pets?

Who took the first step to achieve such a great friendship? The evidence shows that human beings and puppies have come a long way to achieve so much mutual affection.

How did those fierce fangs turn into tiny little teeth?

Thousands of years ago it was impossible for a human being and a wolf to live together, well studies reveal that between these animals and us there was a strong enmity, and we both lived in surrounding areas and shared the pleasure of hunting the same species.

Actually, there are dozens of theories about how it was possible for them to become our cute pets, but in this article we share the theory that has convinced us the most and that is accepted by many scientists today.

Girls and boys were the first to approach the wolves!

Apparently, waste thrown out of human communities attracted the attention of wolves, who found in these wastes, an opportunity to feed without having to go hunting. Visiting homes so frequently and being seen as somewhat less threatening, some children managed to get so close to the wolves that they were losing their fear of contact. Shortly afterwards it was possible to bring them to the communities and use them for different purposes.

By eating from the hand of the human being, the wolf gradually acquired some confidence and adaptability to domestic conditions. The exchange was fair: they ate every day and human beings could use them as a way of transport.

Due to the change in lifestyle, the wolves underwent changes in their body and temperament. Their skulls, skeleton, teeth and legs became smaller, and they learned to read the complex expressions of human faces.

The magic of oxytocin!

The wolf-human crush began when both species were close enough to look each other in the eye for longer and in different circumstances. The continuous looks created the chemical effect of falling in love. The wolves learned to read our gestures, to anticipate our thoughts, to recognize our smile. It was soon possible to establish a strong and loving relationship between both species.

Finally, one day the wolves became not only our beloved pets but so much more than that. Domestication has reached such great levels that today dogs depend almost entirely on us. His big claws are now more defenseless legs!

How can we thank our pups for all the effort they have used to leave their past to accompany us in our domestic life? Love them and take care of them always! Provide them with food, a comfortable place to rest and, more than anything, prevention of anything harmful to keep them healthy.

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