How to know if your pet was bitten by a tick?

Ticks?! These parasites are not to be ignored… As owners of kittens and puppies, our duty is to keep them as far away as possible to parasites. Remember that the reproduction of infections from these pests is fast and could become a difficult disease to control in your pet.

Kokoty wants you to become the best owner possible for your pet so that your kitten or puppy can optimally enjoy their health and everything they get when living with you. So here we are to share some tips so that, from the first moment you detect any of these signs, you can act to eradicate the infection in a timely manner.

  • Constant itching

We know our pets and we know perfectly well when something is out of the ordinary. Your pet sometimes scratches but does he/she do it more frequently or harshly? Itching is perhaps the most obvious sign that an external pest is irritating the skin of your puppy or kitten.

When you detect this, do an immediate check on their entire body.

  • Lumps between fur

Do not miss this! If you feel a small lump in their fur when you pet your pet, oh oh, something is not right … In dogs with little fur or short fur, it will be very easy to detect a tick attached to their body, but if they have long hair or they are very furry, you will have to make frequent checks.

Ticks usually adhere to areas of thin skin such as face and ears.

  • Quiet and low mood

You used to have a very active pet and now they just get up to eat, do their business and other essential activities. It is known that the presence of ticks can affect the enthusiasm of pets, because they literally suck their blood energy as any parasitic host would

Pay attention to the behavioral changes that your pet could show.

  • Hemorrhage

The small perforations that the ticks make on the body of your pet can become bigger complications with the constant movement of your kitten or puppy when scratching. You may see red spots of blood between the fur. The first action to detect this, is by checking their body to detect the existence of parasites.

  • Trouble breathing and fever

The most dangerous signal! In an advanced phase of a tick infection, the pet has difficulty breathing, fever, lack of appetite, tiredness and even trouble seeing … These symptoms correspond to a serious disease called ehrlichiosis.

Whatever symptom detected, attend a veterinary hospital and go to a medical team that can give you the most effective and appropriate solution for your pet. Although the best recommendation we can give you is to prevent the attack of ticks in the beginning! How?

Many anti-pest prevention products require constant exposure and application of chemical substances in the pet’s body, such products can be shampoos, soaps, and so on; while other mechanisms difficult the intake of highly aggressive pills or medications with the organisms of a cat or dog. What is the point of preventing an infectious danger to your pet using equally invasive products and with the same possible side effects?

Save yourself a trip to the hospital! There is a 100% chemical-free mechanism capable of repelling environmental threats such as ticks. It does not require constant applications or generate any negative consequences such as poisoning, vomiting, irritation or mood swings. This mechanism is called Kokoty and it is unique in the Mexican market, because it belongs to a new technology recognized in European countries and in the United States. This is a pendant loaded with repellent energy from the most common external parasites!

To learn more about Kokoty, click on this link:


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